Traffic Incident Management Integration and Pedestrian Crossings


Presented by Phill Worth, Principal Planner, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

The Offices of Planning, Operations, and Safety, within the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), are jointly working to advance the practice of integrating transportation planning and operations. Significant benefits from this integration include greater system efficiency, higher degrees of safety, and stronger partnerships among participating agencies (usually, at lower overall cost). Work completed to date has produced a number of guidebooks and desk references for use by agency planners and engineers, as well as elected officials, providers of public transportation services, and emergency responders.

Currently, efforts are underway to bring the providers of traffic incident management (TIM) services together with state and local planners to find more effectives ways of communicating and collaborating. This session brings local TIM providers together with state and local planners/engineers to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face and learn what their peers are doing in other parts of the country. Some of the FHWA materials will be presented in an interactive format that demonstrates their purpose and applicability to local circumstances. We hope this will lead to more immediate review and application of the available materials. The concluding part of the session will be devoted to an open forum of brainstorming effective strategies for stronger planning/operations integration, as well as a discussion of how to improved coordination and for what benefit.

About the Presenter:
Phill Worth has over 25 years of experience in transportation planning, traffic operations, and applied research. His career includes senior management and research roles and a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects to FHWA, state DOTs, MPOs, and local agencies. Phill has served as a principal investigator and senior researcher for projects with FHWA, FTA, NCHRP, and TCRP. This work includes management of research teams, planning/leading workshops and peer exchanges, co-authoring a guidebook and desk reference, and providing senior review of technical work and writing. Mr. Worth has made significant contributions to the policy and long-range planning efforts of state DOTs and MPOs by demonstrating the importance of integrating transportation and land use planning; advancing the objectives-driven, performance-based approach to planning for operations; and, further integrating multi-modal performance measurement into the decision-making process. He regularly applies these and other research innovations to real-world planning issues through his nationally and internationally acclaimed work with state, regional, and local agencies around the country.

Presented by Gary Katsion, P.E., Senior Principal Engineer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Join Gary Katsion for an opportunity to discuss several aspects related to pedestrian crossings. The discussion will include the following topics:
• Key Research Documents
• Alaska Laws
• Pedestrian Characteristics
• Marked vs. Unmarked Crosswalks
• Crossings Types, Treatments, and Illumination
• Pedestrian Beacons and Signals
• Evaluation / Selecting a Treatment (NCHRP Report 562 and HCM 2010)
• Liability – Risk Management
• Update from Transportation Research Board (TRB)

About the Presenter:
Gary Katsion, P.E. has over 36 years of consulting experience and has provided comprehensive transportation planning and design services to state, local, and private clients for a wide variety of transportation projects. He has been involved with the management and technical analysis of projects related to the preparation of public works transportation studies; development of city and borough/county-wide transportation system improvement plans; design and installation of traffic signals; highway, arterial, and street design; development of urban transit facilities; and preparation of traffic impact studies for new developments. Recent related Alaskan projects include the Eagle River CBD and Residential Core Transportation Study, the AMATS 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, and the Willoughby District Master Plan (Juneau). He is currently the Anchorage office manager for Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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