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Share the Road: Moving the Bike in the Street

Cities across the country are designing and implementing bicycle facilities in streets cars once fully occupied. A unique skillset in on-street bicycle facility design is emerging and is necessary for engineers to continue working in transportation within a city context. The Baltimore City DOT’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Planner, Caitlin Doolin, is leading several efforts to implement on-street bike infrastructure in Baltimore. The presentation will outline best planning, traffic engineering and design practices for on-street bicycle infrastructure and highlight the importance these facilities serves. The presentation will also provide insights to Baltimore City DOT’s process for evaluating the impact on traffic operations and balancing complicated trade-offs between parking, traffic operations, and transit operations to accommodate bike infrastructure. This presentation will also outline the guiding principles used in on-street bicycle facility design and provide case-studies that demonstrate how and where on-street bicycle infrastructure can best be accommodated.

About the Presenter:

Caitlin Doolin, Engineering Associate, Kittelson & Associates

Caitlin holds just under 4 years of transportation engineering and planning experience in Kittelson & Associate’s Baltimore office. Over the past 6 months, she has been working as the Pedestrian and Bicycle planner for Baltimore City DOT. Her current project responsibilities includes managing all of the on-going pedestrian and bicycle projects for the City of Baltimore. This year, she is leading efforts to implement over 10 miles of bike lanes, the city’s first on-street cycle track and Baltimore’s first bike share system. Caitlin holds a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University as well as a Masters of Science in Urban Planning from Oxford Brookes University.

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