Missing stakeholders? Outreach tips for the hard to reach

Anchorage’s Diverse Population

Anne Brooks will provide us insights on how to reach out to Anchorage’s diverse population. What works, what does not work and barriers to overcome if we want public involvement to be inclusive.

Where are the Millennials?

What is a millennial? How do we get them to engage? As a millennial practitioner Robyn Austin will break down the differences between this generation and others, why engaging them is important, and what is known about how they really like to be reached.

IAP2 North America Conference Recap

Bringing the 2015 IAP2 North American Conference to you! Anne and Robyn will present a recap of new approaches, trends, tools, and techniques presented at the IAP2 North America Conference in Portland.

About the Presenters:

Anne Brooks, PE Brooks & Associates

Anne is a consulting engineer in private practice specializing in public participation. Anne has 22 years of relevant experience working on dozens of DOT&PF projects. Anne’s approach to public involvement is a strategic one. She does her homework to understand the stakeholders and their issues and then works with the team to provide a process that is transparent, fair, and timely. She believes the key purpose of public involvement is to seek information that leads to better, sustainable decision-making. Sustainable decisions are necessary when considering the full corridor and a series of projects to fully implement a long-range plan.

Robyn Austin, Public Involvement Specialist, Kittelson & Associates

Robyn is a public involvement professional who specializes in the design and implementation of decision-making strategies for complex transportation and planning projects. She has wide-ranging experience facilitating transportation projects where consensus building, public engagement, and multi-agency decision making are critical to success. Robyn believes in engaging and connecting stakeholders and the public with project information throughout the process using a wide-array of online and in person tools and techniques. She believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to public involvement and instead draws from a toolbox of resources that she adapts to each project and environment as needed. Robyn's public involvement experience spans the Northwest including Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska.

This TES workshop is equal to 3.0 PDH.

AICP Certification Maintenance: Kittelson & Associates, Inc. has applied for AICP Certification Maintenance credits. Pending approval, the session will be eligible for 3 hours of CM credits"

There is no cost to attend this workshop and snacks/refreshments will be provided.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Robyn Austin at (208) 338-2683 or
raustin@kittelson.com .

We look forward to seeing you there!