Bluetooth Applications (and Mis-applications) in Transportation Operations and Planning

Come learn all about the innovative technique of using Bluetooth wireless roadside readers to measure travel times, speeds to infer incidents, quality of signal timing, reliability of corridors, etc. We’ll also discuss applications and challenges related to approximating origin-destination patterns. This will be an informative session with a real-time demonstration of the equipment and resulting data. Learn how we turn this abundance of data into useful information, how Bluetooth compares to other advanced travel measurement technologies (Inrix fleet GPS, Sensys magnetometers, license plate surveys, etc.). By the end of the session you will know the cost, benefits, and real limitations of this technology from a practitioner perspective. Please come prepared with your questions.

Travel Time Applications:

•Signal timing verification

•Work zone monitoring

•Incident identification in remote areas (non-instrumented)

•Micro-, meso-, and macro-scopic calibration

Origin-Destination Applications:

•Transportation planning

•Micro-, meso-, and macro-scopic calibration

•Work zone monitoring (e.g., identifying cut-through traffic)

Case Studies:

•Signal timing

•O-D studies

•Real-time monitoring