Central Oregon Series on Transportation (COST) | Cross-Section Trade Offs: Achieving Complete Streets within Limited Space

This session will begin with an overview of NCHRP 1036: Guidebook for Urban and Suburban Cross-Sectional Reallocation, new research published in late 2022 to provide guidance on how to prioritize safety for people walking and biking, even in constrained locations. Then, the group will walk through an application of the NCHRP 1036 decision-making framework, a tool developed to help practitioners make tradeoffs that align with their community goals, to a roadway as an example of how it can be applied on other projects. The workshop will close with a discussion on the decision-making framework and strategies for overcoming barriers to roadway reallocation. The session will be presented by Sophia Semensky and Camilla Dartnell of Kittelson and Associates, Inc.