Performance-Based Analysis and Geometric Design CANCELLED


Join us to learn about the latest in performance-based analysis and geometric design! In this presentation, we will help you understand how to apply principles and methods from the first published research focused on applying performance-based tools in street and highway design. These tools help inform and guide users on project decisions throughout the project development process. This can help support cost-effective, community based, environmentally sensitive, balanced multimodal, and timely solutions. Brian Ray, Julia Knudsen and Erin Ferguson will be presenting the results from their recently published research project: NCHRP Research Project 15-34A: Performance-Based Analysis of Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (now published as NCHRP Report 785).

NCHRP Report 785 documents a process for conducting performance-based analyses to inform design decisions at the planning, preliminary engineering, final design, and operations/maintenance stages of the project development process. The performance-based approach supports project documentation needs and can, overall, inform and guide project decision making while supporting risk management objectives. This methodology is based on first, understanding intended project outcomes, and then subsequently considering and selecting geometric design elements or features that best meet a project’s unique context. Brian, Julia and Erin will provide an overview of the process and framework documented in NCHRP Report 785 and then focus on case study examples to illustrate how the report can be used in different project contexts to inform design decisions and arrive at better solutions. The document is free from NCHRP HERE.


Participants will earn a total of 1.5 professional development hours (PDH) for attending this workshop. There is no cost to attend this workshop.

To celebrate the warmth of the upcoming season and to show our appreciation for you, please join us immediately after the presentation for a HAPPY HOUR / RECEPTION.

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Erin Ferguson, PE
Associate Engineer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

A major focus of Erin’s career is integrating quantitative safety analysis into transportation planning and engineering at a local and national scale. She was one of the authors of the HSM and has taught HSM applications to engineers, planners, and analysts across the US, including courses in Arizona, California, Oregon, Maryland, Florida, Alaska and Utah. In addition to the safety applications and research, Erin also brings nine years of experience in transportation planning and preliminary design.

Julia Knudsen, PE
Senior Engineer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Ms. Knudsen has participated in a variety of transportation planning and traffic engineering projects in Oregon, Washington, California, Maryland, Alaska, Ohio, Iowa, and Florida. Ms. Knudsen’s experience includes functional design, roundabout feasibility studies, traffic impact analyses, signal timing, and research. Her transportation research experience includes developing guides for NCHRP and FHWA and she is currently working on the development of a state agency road design manual.

Brian Ray, PE
Senior Principal Engineer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Brian was Principal Investigator leading to NCHRP Report 785: Performance Based Analysis of Geometric Design of Highways and Streets. He brings more than 25 years of experience in multimodal transportation planning, traffic engineering, and contextual roadway design. His safety related experience includes serving as a technical senior resource and providing quality assurance review for integrating safety into existing planning and design processes and projects as well as oversight and guidance for developing training course materials on how to perform safety analysis. Brian routinely conducts training courses on applying the HSM, roadway geometric design, modern roundabouts, and context sensitive solutions.