There is a lot of buzz about how the implementation of 3D design is improving the efficiency of construction activities. This discussion will address how the effective use of technology is changing the way the DESIGN of infrastructure is completed. 3D design has been used for a long time; however, the real efficiency is in how are we can utilize the advancements in the technological tools to integrate the design process to increase value and quality. Thinking about how to produce and deliver the 3D design and how that incorporates estimates, quantities and specifications has as much potential to provide value to the project life cycle as improving construction activities. The process integration includes looking at impacts to the full project lifecycle from planning to construction with a focus on the preliminary and final design stages. New technologies allow us to modify workflows to focus on tasks that provide value and increase efficiency in the development of a project. Using project examples, the discussion will touch on the following key topics. • A brief background on traditional workflows, • Current tools and advancements in technology that are available to us as engineers, and • Different ideas on how we might be able to evolve those workflows as a result of new tools.

Tuesday, October 25th, Schedule:
7:30 - 8:00 a.m. - Check-in/Breakfast
8:00 - 10:00 a.m. – Program

Participants will earn a total of 2.0 professional development hours (PDH) for attending this workshop. There is no cost to attend this workshop and breakfast will be provided.

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Tony Roos, Associate Engineer
Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland, OR

Tony has 18 years of experience working with interdisciplinary teams on a wide variety of transportation projects. He provides project management, roadway design leadership, project coordination, and construction support services for his projects. He is well versed in ODOT, local agency, and AASHTO design standards and practices. As project manager, Tony provides project oversight, coordination, and quality control. His projects include designing road rehabilitations, main street schemes, full corridor improvements, intersection improvements (including roundabouts), and interchanges. These projects typically involve alternative alignment investigation and preliminary design and construction documents. He works closely with multiple subconsultants and in-house experts to provide projects that meet the expectations of his clients, striving for the perfect balance of cost, schedule, and quality.

Fred Wismer, Senior Engineer
Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland, OR

As a senior engineer Fred brings 12 years of civil engineering experience to the team. Throughout his career Fred has gained valuable engineering experience with a focus on transportation design. This design experience includes conceptual layouts, detailed roadway construction plans, storm water conveyance plans, detailed traffic signal & lighting design plans, project cost estimates & quantity take-offs, project specifications, and project reports. As part of the project team, Fred contributes leadership to the entire project team, both internal & external, knowledge of design codes, and creativity to the design process. With Fred’s diverse experience, he provides real solutions that fit between site conditions, budget, and project requirements. His dedication to efficiency, integrity, and detail, and commitment to client service are pivotal to the quality of work he delivers. In addition to engineering design Fred’s knowledge of the design software helps him provide an efficient, accurate design and is an AutoCAD Civil3D Certified Professional & Autodesk Certified BIM Specialist. Fred is now using visualization software to bring the project to life sooner in the design process to identify critical areas of the design and illustrate the project to the design team, client, agency, utility providers, & neighbors. Fred’s design software experience includes: AutoCAD Civil3D, AutoTurn Pro3D, Autodesk Infraworks, and Autodesk 3ds Max Design.

Hermanus Steyn, Associate Engineer
Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland, OR

Hermanus has experience in a variety of transportation studies for all types of roadways—from local streets to freeways—with a particular focus on conceptual and detailed geometric design. On such projects, Hermanus considers impacts to natural resources, constructability, phased implementation opportunities, traffic control, and cost estimating in establishing the appropriate improvements. He has extensive experience preparing final traffic and roadway plans, special provisions, and cost estimates for transportation engineering projects. He has also conducted transportation impact analyses dealing with safety issues, access management, and on-site circulation for a variety of developments. He understands the interaction between geometry, operations, and safety, and considers and analyses trade-offs to development community-based solutions. Hermanus’ wide range of multi-discipline engineering experience, with an emphasis on transportation, brings sound engineering judgment to exceptionally large and complex projects. He is excellent at tracking issues, project scope, budget, and schedule, and he quickly garners trust with both public and private sector clients and stakeholders.

Andrew Bailey, Senior Engineer
Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Tucson, AZ

Andrew has 13 years experience within civil engineering, working on a variety of storm water and transportation projects, with a focus over the last seven years in transportation. Andrew brings his experience in storm water management, traffic operations, safety, and access management into the design projects he works on. His experience on design projects includes conceptual roadway and site design, storm drain systems, underground utilities, intersection, signing, and striping design, and quantity take-offs. Roadway final design has become a strength of his, with the last four years spent leading the design effort on multiple projects, leading the design team in producing quality construction documents within budget and schedule. Andrew is a Certified Civil3D Professional, with additional experience using MicroStation, FlowMaster, Vehicle Tracking, Infraworks, and developing in-house programs to help accuracy and efficiency.

Jason Simmers, Associate Engineer
Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Tucson, AZ

Jason is a skilled project manager and roadway design engineer with 16 years of experience focused on roadway widening and reconstruction projects for local and state DOTs. He specializes in geometric design principles and intersection modification projects and has developed a strong understanding of how to efficiently and effectively move a project through the development process. Jason has led, and participated, in a variety of transportation engineering projects using a performance based design philosophy and utilizing experience with innovative survey and design methods. Jason is now focusing efforts to develop design workflows that integrate new technologies and tools into the infrastructure project development process that improve the value and quality of design products.

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