Arterial Performance Workshop

Join Peter Koonce, Darcy Bullock and Shaun Quayle for an opportunity to learn about the latest research on probe vehicle-based arterial performance measurement, such as travel time and running speeds using a variety of methods such as Bluetooth MAC address reading, along with local examples. The discussion will also include innovative ways to optimize arterial signal timing and traffic flows by measuring percent arrival on green and quality of progression using existing traffic signal software and infrastructure.

Peter Koonce has recently taken over as the Signals and Street Lighting Manager for the City of Portland. He brings with him a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and experience related to traffic signal systems and transit operations.

Darcy is a professor in the School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and a Registered Professional Engineer in Louisiana and Indiana. His research is in the general area of real-time traffic control, traffic signal performance measures, and probe vehicle travel time applications. He has collaborated with several Kittelson staff members in recent years on research and consulting projects.

Shaun is a professional engineer with Kittelson and Associates, Inc., who has over 7 years experience in traffic signal systems and traffic operations. His experiences include signal retiming projects in numerous states, as well as probe vehicle evaluations using MAC reader technologies for origin-destination sampling and travel time studies.

Lunch will be provided. Please note any dietary restrictions when signing up for this event.

View the slides and more detail about the presentation here: