Access Management – Applying National Best Practice and Successfully Engaging with Property Owners & Developers

Join us for a two-hour Transportation Education Seminar (TES) on Access Management. The event is FREE of charge for any transportation professionals in Wilmington and surrounding areas.

Abstract: The practice of access management continues to evolve and become more multimodal in nature across the country. At the same time, the benefits of access management can only be realized through successful engagement with property and business owners, developers, and policymakers. This Transportation Education Seminar (TES) event will begin with a high level overview of the latest access management research efforts that have resulted with the publication of the Access Management Manual 2nd Edition and the Access Management Application Guide (AMAG) and an update the ongoing NCHRP 03-120 - Assessing Interactions Between Access Management Treatments and Multimodal Users project. The TES then will transition into a presentation and discussion on how to successfully engage property and business owners and developers on access management decisions within a corridor planning and development review process.

Bio: Marc Butorac has over two decades of experience working at the forefront of developing, refining and researching access management techniques. He has worked with various state DOTs and local agencies to develop access management standards and guidelines, led training courses on access management, and served as an expert witness on access management cases throughout the country. Marc has led and/or participated on multiple research projects for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) on developing access management guidelines, such as NCHRP 3-99: Development and Application of Access Management Guidelines and NCHRP 03-120: Assessing Interactions Between Access Management Treatments and Multimodal Users. In addition, Marc understands both sides of the right of way line through his direct experience on over 500 development projects and over 30 successful corridor projects in Alaska, Maryland, Oregon, Montana, and Washington. Overall, he has helped create an understanding of the benefits of access management while realizing the need to properly engage property and business owners to achieve successful outcomes that balance the need for access and mobility. Marc currently serves as the Chairman for the Transportation Research Board’s Access Management Committee (ADA70) and Northwest Business Development Lead/Vice President for Kittelson & Associates, Inc.